Sunday, April 22, 2012

Effortless style

I've been holding myself back from purchasing too many clothing items lately. Because, let's be honest, both my drawers AND my closet are overflowing with perfectly acceptable -- even fabulous -- items. But that doesn't keep me from spending my free time on some of my favorite retail sites.

These are some wonderful dresses I've found while scouring the internet. What makes them so wonderful is that they are eff-ort-less. I mean, what woman doesn't want to throw on a cute dress, some ravishing accessories and nothing else!

Vince Camuto Abstract Flutter Sleeve
Vince Camuto has long been one of my favorite shoe designers and I'm quickly racking up a collection. But he also recently debuted a clothing line and oh my goodness, it's good. The prints and outlines are to die for. Along with this one, I'm lusting after the Little White Dress and Safari Tribal Peasant Dress.

Old Navy Belted Tie-Sleeve Crepe
Old Navy's Belted Tie-Sleeve Crepe dress. I know first-hand that Old Navy knows how to do a wrap dress...and what a fun print!

Kate Spade Geometric Sonja
This dress is on the pricier side, but I'm in love. I have yet to see one like this this season, and you can easily make it sophisticated and classy or playful and girly.

Old Navy Jersey Mexicali
Old Navy's Jersey Mexicali dress. So simple - so much potential. And twenty bucks, people. TWENTY.

H&M Turquoise Patterned Dress
I've never been a fan of H&M solely because I can't buy their best clothing. The stores here are pretty crappy and only carry the scraps. I hear story after story of how great they are and see beautiful clothing from them, but I can never find it. I've perused their website and found drool-worthy items, but they don't let you (or me, at least) shop online. So here's hoping you can find this beautiful, perfect-for-the-beach dress at a store near you.

What are your favorite stores for spring and summer dresses?

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