Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brighten your workspace

If you're anything like me, the workspace you were given by your lovely 9-5 corporation is less than inspiring. Grey cubicle walls, an off-white desk and a clunky, black computer aren't exactly the most beautiful things with which to spend your days. Within a week, I was ready to run out of my office and escape the dreary life inside.

I spent my first two weekends discovering ways to brighten my own little piece of 9-5 drudgery. Are you ready to see how I did it (and received 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' from everyone around)?

1. Add color
Don't get me wrong -- I love neutrals and one of my favorite colors is grey. But when I'm stuck in a building for about 10 hours a day, I need some color (especially when spring comes around!).
If it's possible to get your office supplies in brighter, matching colors, do it! Pops of color can really transform an area. Bringing in a bright lamp, pillow or cubicle wallpaper will instantly lift your mood.
Pops of color
If you have a home office, the possibilities for color are endless. Paint your walls an uplifting color, bring in a chair with bright pillows or paint your desk a new shade.
Yellow home office
2. Collect trinkets
I have a little white bird on my desk at home and I practically die of gorgeousness every time I look at him. He serves no real purpose and cost me about $5.00 at Michaels.
Decor doesn't have to be expensive. Random, scattered pieces from all over your life (such as this, this and this) bring instant character to a space. And don't forget the cute push pins and framed pictures of your pooch!
Office trinkets
3. Bring the outside in
And grow something! Freshly cut flowers always get my spirits up, and other plants, such as bonsai trees, offer you room for creativity through the pots they're planted in and the arrangement.
Workspace inspiration
If you work in a low-light area or just can't seem to keep anything alive (hey neighbor, I really DID water your plants while you were gone like you asked!), invest in some fake flowers or a hard-knocking fern. Those who are simply passing by won't be able to tell the difference -- just be sure to add lots of greenery!
4. Inspire yourself
I adore walls covered in inspiring photographs and prints. Images that inspire your work and encourage you to think outside the box are always helpful when you're stuck on a project or wondering if you'll ever change the world like you had planned.
5. You
YOU are the most important element of any office. The curators of courage and strategic stenographers in you are the reason for an office in the first place. Remaining happy, hopeful and lighthearted will leave your clients feeling less stressed than when they walked through the door and said hello.
And lets not forget the importance of having your shit together style-wise. Would you trust a stylist who can't even dress herself? Or an advertising executive who doesn't know the importance of branding himself? Okay, so maybe you would. But I feel MUCH more comfortable and at ease doing work with those who CAN tackle all their daily tasks -- including getting out of their pajamas in the morning. Show pride in yourself and the brilliant work will follow.
Office attire
What have you done to turn your office into a daily dose of inspiration?

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